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The Third Time!PKU Pioneer Collaborated with a Top Fiberglass Manufacturer on On-Site Oxygen Generator (5,054Nm3/h, ≥93%)



In March 2023, PKU Pioneer won the bid for an oxygen plant project (5,054Nm3/h, ≥93%) to support the fiberglass pool kiln drawing production line with an annual output of 150,000 tons for a well-known domestic fiberglass manufacturer.

In recent years, PKU Pioneer has designed and constructed 3 VPSA oxygen generation plants for this client. And the long-term stable operation and energy saving & efficiency enhancement effect of the oxygen units laid a good foundation for the two parties to resume high-quality cooperation.

The project will also expand the deepened application of PKU Pioneer's oxygen generation process in the glass fiber head enterprises.

In order to meet its need of achieving medium and long-term development strategies and production capacity layout, the enterprise has started to build an intelligent fiberglass manufacturing base to further improve the integrated industrial chain from strands producing and product processing to composite material manufacturing.

Due to capital and technological intensity, the fiberglass industry has higher technological requirements for supporting equipment. PKU Pioneer's VPSA oxygen generation technology was adopted for the oxyfuel combustion in the glass fiber kilns, which can ensure a continuous, reliable and safe oxygen supply and significantly reduce the cost of oxygen consumption.

The fiberglass production line relies heavily on oxygen, meaning continuous and uninterrupted oxygen supply is the basic requirement for the oxygen generation system.

As one of the top 5 key glass fiber enterprises in China in terms of production capacity, the client has a flexible and highly efficient operation and management mechanism to conduct strict inspections and comparisons on the selection of oxygen production processes and equipment. During the technical exchanges, the user paid special attention to the quality and operation of the oxygen plant, as well as the ability to stably and continuously guarantee high-load production capacity in high temperatures in summer.

PKU Pioneer carried out statistical accounting on the data of multiple sets of oxygen generating units in operation for the glass fiber sector and proved the advanced power consumption indexes of VPSA oxygen generating unit and the stable oxygen flow and purity of the product oxygen by practical operation data, which is unanimously recognized by the client.

In the future, when used for a long period of time, PKU Pioneer's VPSA oxygen-generating equipment will substantially help to save the cost of oxygen supply and create obvious economic benefits for the user.

The venture continues the multi-year collaboration with PKU Pioneer. The cooperation between 2 industry leaders will further consolidate the wide application of VPSA oxygen generation technology in the glass fiber industry, and help glass fiber enterprises to reduce costs & lift profits as well as improve their production.

At the same time, matching and adapting to the user’s oxygen demand with higher standards will improve the stability and optimize the performance parameters of the VPSA technology at the application level, which will lead to a good demonstration effect in the industry.

It is reported that the project will further expand the wind power yarn production capacity for the user after completion. The new production will be more energy-efficient to advance the product line of high-end glass fiber materials used in the automobile and wind power industry. The product application fields will be further expanded, and the industrial chain will be more comprehensive, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.