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VPSA Oxygen Generation: Promoting Oxyfuel Combustion Technology for Low-Carbon Development of Glass Industry
Oxyfuel combustion technology refers to using industrial oxygen instead of air to burn fuels. Compared with the traditional air-fuel combustion technology, the "oxygen + fuel" mode changes the combustion medium from air to oxygen, which reduces the introduction and removal of N2 by about 78% and improves the flame temperature as well as heating efficiency, thus greatly lowering the amount of flue gases and venting heat loss, etc.
Application of VPSA Oxygen Generation Technology in Ladle Heating
A steel company in China reformed its 3 ladle heating systems (120t). The former natural gas combustion supported by air was upgraded to oxyfuel combustion, i.e., the natural gas is assisted by 91% oxygen gas supplied by a VPSA oxygen unit. The oxygen capacity of the VPSA oxygen generation system is 800Nm3/h with a purity of ≥91% taking into consideration the simultaneous usage of 3 ladle heaters and the available residual O2 replenishment in the steel mill.
VPSA Oxygen Generation Technology: Supplying Stable Oxygen for Nickel and Copper Smelter Listed in Global Top 500
On December 10, 2023, 2 sets of VPSA oxygen plants (5556Nm³/h, 90%) built by PKU Pioneer for Gansu Jinchuan Group were successfully started up to provide stable oxygen for nickel flash smelting furnace and copper synthesis furnace.
PKU Pioneer: Providing Excellent Gas Separation and Purification Services for Low-Carbon Development of World's Steel Industry
PKU Pioneer hereby launches the steel industry promotional video (2023 new version)! PKU Pioneer has been promoting the application of VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption) and PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen generation technology, low-carbon utilization technologies of steel exhaust gases, and dry fine desulfurization technologies in the steel sector. Driven by the "dual-carbon" strategy, and to create a low-carbon future, PKU Pioneer will be given unlimited opportunities to lead us to march forward together with the world's iron and steel enterprises!
What are the Advantages of VPSA Oxygen Generation Technology Compared with Cryogenic Process?
1) Economically, VPSA oxygen-generating equipment has smaller investments and lower operation costs.
India's Net Zero Plans for the Steel Sector
From the steel industry’s point of view, the government has divided the entire 2070 carbon neutral plan into three broad categories. Focusing on the short term – until 2030 – the Indian government has decided to promote energy efficiency in the steel industry and encourage steel producers to emphasize resource efficiency and renewable energy for a sustainable future. For the medium term – between 2030 and 2047 – the focus area could be green hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. For the long-term perspective – between 2047 and 2070 – disruptive alternative technological innovations are the primary focus that can help achieve the transition to net zero.