Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services
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Vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) oxygen plant is of large scale, with complex composition. The production and operation of the VPSA oxygen plant are highly specialized and professional, as the operation and maintenance of the plant have a high technical threshold, and the product oxygen is a combustion-supporting gas.

When there is oxygen demand, users can choose to invest in the construction of the VPSA oxygen generation plant and operate on their own, or entrust it to PKU Pioneer, the professional gas company, to take charge of its operation and maintenance. PKU Pioneer's professional operation and maintenance management services enable users to use oxygen at a lower cost and comprehensively enhance the long-term stable online rate of the oxygen system to "spend little but save more.". PKU Pioneer's professional operation and maintenance make the users to centralize human and technical resources on their main businesses to create more benefits and improve the core competitiveness through maximum professionalism.

With the substantial increase in demand for oxygen enrichment in domestic and foreign industries and the increasingly refined divisions of labor, the market for professional outsourced operation and maintenance services of VPSA oxygen units is bound to expand gradually and grow steadily. PKU Pioneer, with its exclusive technological and administrative advantages, will come out on top and lead the development of subdivided industries.

Technological AdvantagesSolutions-Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services-PKU Pioneer-VPSA-PSA-oxygen plant-air separation unit-ASU-industrial oxygen-rich oxygen
With the advantages of specialized and scaled technologies and administration, preventive measures, systematic safety enhancement and comprehensive reduction of oxygen costs, PKU Pioneer's operation and maintenance service for VPSA O2 equipment gives full play to the process advantages of the oxygen plant in safety, energy-saving and low energy consumption, flexibility in start-up and shut-down, fast production reaching, and strong stability. It has the following characteristics:
Fully Responsible for Operation and Maintenance
PKU Pioneer is responsible for the safety, operation and maintenance management of the oxygen production equipment, including production operation, equipment inspection, remote big data intelligent support, maintenance and repair, spare parts management and all other field service tasks, as well as for the energy consumption, starting up & shutting down and other performance indicators.
Comprehensive Equipment Management System
PKU Pioneer has set up a remote technology center to analyze and diagnose operation data, and built a big data system to sustain the leading technologies, safe operation and best performance of the oxygen system by intelligent management tools, so as to empower production practice with informatization, and comprehensively improve the operation and maintenance capability of the oxygen plants.
Reducing Production and Operation Cost
PKU Pioneer's specialized and scaled technologies and management mode can reduce the failure rate of operation as a whole and enhance the operation rate to more than 98%, thus significantly lowering the maintenance cost and realizing the continuous efficiency increase by controlling the power consumption during operation and maintain it at a low level on a long-term basis.
Application Scenario
PKU Pioneer has constructed more than 300 sets of VPSA and PSA oxygen generators for various industrial fields, and the product oxygen is directly delivered to industrial furnaces for oxygen-enriched combustion, which not only saves energy but also increases the output and efficiency obviously. The common application scenarios are introduced as follows:
Non-Ferrous/Secondary Metallurgy
It is a major technical measure to adopt oxygen-enriched air instead of ambient air for combustion in the process of non-ferrous metallurgy, which helps to strengthen productivity, reduce energy consumption and increase economic benefits. PKU Pioneer's VPSA oxygen-generating technology can provide a stable and reliable oxygen source for the smelting of copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin, gold and other non-ferrous metals to promote energy saving and optimization of the oxygen-enriched combustion process. Providing VPSA oxygen-generating units for users with multiple "adjustable levels" can significantly reduce the cost of oxygen. VPSA oxygen units can be equipped for furnaces including bottom, side and top blowing furnaces, etc. and PKU Pioneer has built more than 40 sets of VPSA oxygen-generating systems for nonferrous metal smelting.
Glass/Fiberglass Furnaces

Oxygen-enriched combustion technology is an effective method to reduce energy consumption in glass/fiberglass kilns. With the decreasing cost of oxygen production, oxygen-enriched/oxy-fuel combustion technology, composed of oxygen and fuel, is replacing the conventional combustion method of air and fuel in glass melting kilns. PKU Pioneer's VPSA oxygen production technology is able to deliver a stable and reliable oxygen supply to the oxyfuel (oxygen-enriched) combustion section of glass/fiberglass kilns. Considering the kilns have high requirements for the stability and continuity of oxygen supply, PKU Pioneer provides industrial kiln users with equipment leasing or operation maintenance services to ensure the safety and stability of clients' oxygen supply.

Oxygen Enrichment for Blast Furnaces

Among iron and steel enterprises based on long-process production processes, more and more choose VPSA oxygen generation technology to provide enriched oxygen for the blast furnace. Firstly, the oxygen needed for ironmaking is enriched oxygen instead of pure oxygen, and mixing the oxygen generated by the VPSA oxygen unit and air can meet the requirements; secondly, the cost of VPSA oxygen production is lower; thirdly, convenient startup, shutdown and load regulation can be used as auxiliary means to adjust the oxygen supply of the whole factory to reduce the oxygen dissipation. With mature oxygen generation technology and oxygen mixing system before the blast furnace blower with unique structure and process, PKU Pioneer has equipped more than 50 iron and steel enterprises with VPSA oxygen equipment and integrated solutions of oxygen enrichment before the blower.

Cement Kilns
Oxyfuel technology is considered to be the most economical technical solution for achieving effective carbon capture in the cement industry. The process uses enriched oxygen and high-concentration CO2 flue gas circulating in the system as combustion-supporting air to fully burn the fuel and obtain flue gas with a CO2 content of over 75% at the outlet of the preheater, followed by the PSA technology to capture and purify the CO2, which can be used for mineralization maintenance, modified materials, and also be captured and stored for utilization.
Waste Incineration
The principle of applying oxygen-enriched combustion to waste burning is to enrich the oxygen in the air so that the oxygen content reaches 25%-30% and send it to the incinerator as a secondary air, which increases the overall or partial oxygen content in the furnace and reduces the integral air excess coefficient. At the same time, the increased oxygen elevates the ignition conditions and makes the combustion more complete by smelting the slag and reducing it to nearly none, so as to ensure the complete decomposition and combustion of dioxins and other toxic organic gases at high temperatures. Therefore, adopting PKU Pioneer's oxygen-enriched combustion technology in the waste incineration field can not only save energy and reduce consumption but also have significant environmental benefits.
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