Oxygen-Enriched/Oxyfuel Combustion
Oxygen-enriched combustion is a high-efficiency enhanced combustion technology using oxygen-enriched air with an oxygen volume content exceeding 21% as the combustion gas. It can not only significantly enhance the combustion efficiency and flame temperature, reduce the ignition point of the fuels, accelerate the combustion reaction speed, and consequently save the primary energy, but also can promote complete combustion, minimize the amount of flue gases after combustion, improve heat utilization, lower the excess air coefficient, decrease the generation of hazardous substances, and be conducive to CO2 capture. With the progress of combustion technologies and the reduction of oxygen costs, oxygen-enriched combustion technology is increasingly widely used in fields including iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, industrial kilns, thermal engineering, environmental protection, etc.
Steel and Chemicals Co-Production
The key point of the steel and chemicals co-production process is the purification of steel by-product gases. PKU Pioneer's "low-carbon utilization technology of steel mill exhaust gases" can efficiently purify CO from blast furnace gas and converter gas and separate H2 from coke oven gas, by a process with high maturity and stability.
Equipment Leasing
By renting VPSA oxygen equipment, users could transfer their important but non-core VPSA oxygen supply duties to the professional gas company PKU Pioneer so that the enterprises themselves could centralize their capital, manpower and technical resources on their core or main businesses with competitive advantages. In this way, the users and oxygen manufacturers could focus on their main businesses to enhance the core competitiveness of the users through maximum expertise.
Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services
When there is oxygen demand, users can choose to invest in the construction of the VPSA oxygen generation plant by PKU Pioneer or on their own, and entrust it to PKU Pioneer, a professional gas company, to be fully responsible for its operation and maintenance. PKU Pioneer's professional operation and maintenance management services enable users to use oxygen at a lower cost.