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PKU Pioneer has its own adsorbent production base, which specializes in the production of various efficient adsorbents and catalysts to be applied to the vacuum pressure swing adsorption equipment. The production base is capable of producing 10,000 tons of adsorbents each year, mainly including an efficient CO adsorbent PU-1, an efficient oxygen making adsorbent PU-8, an efficient deoxidant PU-5, an efficient hydrogenation catalyst PU-7, an efficient CO2 adsorbent PU-10, and an efficient H2 purification adsorbent PU-12, etc. PKU Pioneer’s adsorbent products are exported to dozens of countries, including India, Spain, The Republic of Belarus, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Zambia, The Kingdom of Bahrain, and Congo.

Efficient CO adsorbent PU-1

PU-1 is a highly selective CuCl/molecular sieve adsorbent loaded with Cu developed by PKU Pioneer that has a great adsorption capacity of CO, as the core and basis of PSA CO technology.

In virtue of years of experience in the adsorbent production, intensified product quality management as well as continuous improvement and upgrading of adsorbent production technology, the performance indexes of CO adsorbent PU-1 produced by PKU Pioneer has reached a leading level in the world; Moreover, the product quality is stable, which provides a reliable basis for meeting the design requirements of PSA CO plant.

Efficient oxygen making adsorbent PU-8

PU-8 is a lithium-based oxygen making adsorbent developed independently by PKU Pioneer. In 1999, PU-8 adsorbent was regarded as the “Key Project of China Torch Program” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and received the certificate of 2001“National New Products Program”.

At normal temperatures and pressure, PU-8 has a higher adsorption capacity of nitrogen than common adsorbents, with a high separation coefficient. When the PU-8 oxygen making adsorbent is applied to VPSA oxygen producing device, the oxygen product yield coefficient will be high, and the feed air to be handled and the nitrogen to be absorbed will be substantially less than those to be handled and absorbed when a common oxygen making adsorbent is used. The loads on the air blower and the vacuum pump will be decreased, so will power consumption for the oxygen generation. The economic indicators of oxygen producing device are raised effectively.

Efficient hydrogen making adsorbent PU-12

PU-12 is a dedicated molecular sieve that has a special adsorption capacity as the core of PSA-H2 technology. The composite molecular sieve made by traditional means (white powder with grain size 0.5-10.0 micrometer) is mixed into 15-20 percent of binder in line with the need of industrial application, making grains that possess a certain mechanical strength and shape a certain form. However, the introduced binder will reduce the content of effective molecular sieve and congest some of molecular sieve pores, thus lowering adsorption capacity and adding to the diffusional limitation.

To overcome the defects of binder application to the traditional molecular sieve, PKU Pioneer adopts a brand-new preparation technology, i.e. forming first and transformation later, to composite a new breed of binderless molecular sieve. The inert binder is totally transformed to the molecular sieve components that have adsorption capacity, thus clearing congestion in the pores of molecular sieve and substantially raising the amount and the rate of adsorption. Compared with the traditional preparation technology, the adsorption capacity of the binderless molecular sieve is raised by 15-20 percent, with an increase in the adsorption rate by more than 30 percent. Meanwhile, with a greatly intensified strength, the molecular sieve will be absolutely able to resist the repeated washout by airflow in normal operation conditions, and is especially applicable to PSA-H2 process in the condition of high pressure air source.

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