Glass and Glass Fiber

Total-oxygen combustion smelting technology of the glass industry replaces the air by 90%-93% of oxygen in the gas combustion of heavy oil, coal tar, natural gas and coal convertor in the glass furnace. Total-oxygen combustion is advantageous in reducing the emission of smoke and nitrogen oxide in the smoke and saving the energy. Without considering the energy consumption of oxygen generation, it is generally recognized that the total-oxygen combustion may save over 30% of fuel than the ordinary air combustion.

PIONEER’s VPSA-O2 technology can be used to provide oxygen generating devices for the total-oxygen (oxygen-rich) combustion section of glass kilns, with the advantages of oxygen purity of 93% or above, stable oxygen production and flexible load adjustment. Up to now, PIONEER has built more than 20 sets of VPSA-O2 devices for the glass and glass fiber industry, including several oxygen generation projects exported to Bahrain and other countries.

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