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PKU Pioneer's Compact SPOX PSA Oxygen Generator Plant Meets Various Small-Scale Industrial Oxygen Requirements



Based on PU-8, the world's leading new high-efficiency Li⁺-based oxygen adsorbent independently developed and manufactured by itself, PKU Pioneer successfully developed the vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology for oxygen generation, which has won the first prize for Science and Technology Progress by the Ministry of Education in 2006. In recent years, with the increasing demand for smaller and medium-sized oxygen generators, PKU Pioneer tailor-made skid-mounted PSA oxygen generating equipment, SPOX(Small Pioneer Oxygen) oxygen generator, for users with smaller and medium-volume oxygen supply needs, relying on its own advanced technology and rich experience in more than 300 sets of oxygen generating projects. 

Different from large-scale VPSA oxygen plants, the SPOX PSA oxygen generator is equipped with the blower-pump integrated unit in place of the independent blower and vacuum pump, and a single adsorption tower instead of two or more. PKU Pioneer's containerized SPOX oxygen-generating system generates 50~500Nm³/h oxygen gas, with a purity of up to 93%. The smaller the system, the more refined the design is required. In terms of design: 

1) Generally, the maximum width of a container does not exceed 3.8 meters. For the overall layout, in order to ensure the maintenance space for the facilities, valves, and instruments inside, it is required to be compact and the design to be more precise. 

2) A major feature of the Roots blower as the core dynamic equipment for oxygen production is its high noise level. Simultaneously, it is necessary to ensure that sufficient air from the outside is drawn into the container to avoid negative pressure inside the container, which affects oxygen generation efficiency. Therefore, the container serves the function of a workshop for the oxygen plant and both the ventilation and noise reduction capability needs to be taken into account. 

3) The color of equipment components, pipelines, and instruments should be coordinated, and the specifications and models of valves and instruments should be unified as much as possible. 

4) On the premise of ensuring equipment quality and functionality, pay more attention to details and appearance to enhance the plant's "beauty". 

5) SPOX oxygen production equipment should be flexible and convenient to be moved to different oxygen consumption spots. 

6) Properly increase remote control instruments to enhance the level of automation control and achieve unattended operation. 

In addition, the quality of equipment parts, instruments, etc. should be more rigidly controlled as quality is the core competitiveness: 

1) Choose international brands that meet the user's requirements as much as possible, and at the same time, minimize the categories of instruments and electrical components to reduce the after-sales maintenance costs. 

2) Be aware of the user's requirements for construction and installation. Keep the quality of welding, rust removal, degreasing, painting, etc. under strict control, and make construction records. 

3) Continuously improve equipment instructions, maintenance manuals and other documents to provide users with better services. 

PKU Pioneer's SPOX oxygen generator is simple to operate, occupies a small area, and is easy to install on site. Widely used in glass, fiberglass, cement, pulp bleaching, sewage treatment and other industries, it can maturely meet the user's personalized oxygen supply requirements. Since its establishment in 1999, PKU Pioneer has been committed to VPSA and PSA gas separation technology and provided oxygen, CO and H2 separation and purification solutions to over 400 customers around the world. Among them, the small oxygen generator has been exported to countries like Malaysia, Bahrain and Italy, and unanimous recognition and praise have been received.