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From April 10th to 12th, the National Conference on Low-Carbon Environmental Protection and Safe Operation Technology of Glass Furnaces was successfully held in Fujian Province. PKU Pioneer, as a preferred oxygen unit provider for the glass industry, participated in the conference and had in-depth discussions with many enterprises, experts, and technicians in the industry, collectively promoting the healthy, orderly, and high-quality development of the glass industry.

Oxygen is an essential component in the glassmaking process. Glass furnaces require high temperatures to melt the raw materials (such as silica sand, soda ash, and limestone) used in glass production. By introducing oxygen into the combustion process, the temperature within the glass kilns can be significantly increased, allowing for faster melting of the raw materials and more efficient glass production.

Oxygen also plays a crucial role in the oxidation of certain elements. By reacting with impurities such as iron, sulfur, and carbon, oxygen helps to remove them from the molten glass. This results in a purer and clearer final glass product.

As a leading VPSA and PSA oxygen equipment brand for 25 years, nearly 30 VPSA oxygen plant projects have proven PKU Pioneer’s high expertise and rich engineering experience in VPSA and PSA air separation. PKU Pioneer fully understands the needs of glass manufacturers by providing economical, efficient, and stable oxygen generation systems for uninterrupted glass production lines, ensuring the safe and smooth operation of glass manufacturing.