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First Group Standard of Oxygen Supply by VPSA Technology Drafted by PKU Pioneer for Iron and Steel Industry Officially Released



December 28, 2022, the Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) released the Technical Requirements of VPSA Oxygen Generation for Blast Furnace Ironmaking (T/CSM-44-2022) group standard which will be implemented from the same day. It's the 1st technical standard in China for blast furnace oxygen-rich ironmaking in the iron & steel industry using oxygen supply by VPSA technology according to the standard information public service platform, making it conducive to promoting China's design guidelines for VPSA oxygen generation units to further clarify the technical requirements.

The standard specifies the terms and definitions, principle and process, application classification, technical requirements, basic operation and protective measures for the application of VPSA oxygen production technology in blast furnace ironmaking. It applies to the design and operation of oxygen supply systems for blast furnace ironmaking using VPSA oxygen production technology and can be used as a reference for industrial furnaces adopting oxygen-enriched combustion such as hot blast heaters, heating furnaces and coke ovens in the iron and steel industry. PKU Pioneer, as the main drafting unit of the standard, is a professional service provider of VPSA oxygen generation technology in China.

In June 2021, CSM issued a public notice announcing the establishment of the standard project. In the forenoon of September 22, 2022, CSM organized a technical review meeting for the group standard, which was jointly participated by PKU Pioneer, Valin LY Steel, Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co., Ltd., Anhui MaSteel Gas Technology Co. Ltd., Rizhao Zhufu Industry Co. Ltd., Tangshan Tanggang Gas Co., Ltd., Nanchang Fangda Resources Comprehensive Utilization Technology Co., Ltd. and CISDI Thermal & Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. The review experts went through the group standard one by one respectively and formed assessment opinions from the sufficiency of the materials submitted for review, the compliance of the formulation procedures, the scientificity of the technical content, the usefulness of the standard object, etc., and finally agreed to deliver for review.

As a leading enterprise in China's VPSA and PSA gas separation industry, PKU Pioneer has the largest number of VPSA oxygen production projects with the highest oxygen capacity for blast furnace ironmaking in the world. We've the ability and duty to establish and improve technical specifications and standards of VPSA oxygen generation technology for China's iron & steel sector, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of VPSA and PSA industry.