Iron and Steel

PIONEER has accumulated extensive experience in VPSA oxygen production technology over the course of 18 years and has served more than 30 large iron and steel companies, including overseas iron and steel companies such as India's JSW and The Philippines Meilian Steel. PIONEER provides advanced gas separation technologies for iron and steel companies to help them save energy and improve efficiency and has an extremely high level of brand awareness in the Chinese iron and steel industry.

PIONEER's proprietary technologies serve the iron and steel sector in the following areas:

1. VPSA oxygen production technology (VPSA-O2)

A. Oxygen-enriched combustion in ironmaking blast furnaces: PSA oxygen production technology can provide stable and high quality oxygen products for blast furnace ironmaking.

B. Oxygen-enriched combustion for EAF steelmaking: oxygen can be obtained using PSA technology.

2. PSA CO purification technology (PSA-CO)

A. Recycling blast furnace gas: PIONEER's PSA CO separation technology can produce CO from blast furnace gas at 99.99% purity.

B. Recycling converter gas: PIONEER's PSA CO separation technology can produce CO from converter gas at 99.99% purity.

3. PSA hydrogen production technology (PSA-H2)

A. Recycling coke oven gas: PSA hydrogen production technology can purify hydrogen in coke oven gas.

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