PKU PIONEER: Break the Dilemma of Industrial Tail Gas Utilization

time 2017-12-19

——PSA-CO Separation Technology list in the National key energy-saving low-carbon technology promotion catalogue(2017)

In March 17th, 2017, National Development and Reform Commission published < National key energy-saving & low-carbon technology promotion catalogue (2017 Low-carbon Part)> in his official website. “Carbon monoxide rich gas secondary comprehensive utilization technology ”declared by PKU PIONEER has been listed in the catalogue, as the only carbon capture, utilization and storage technology this year.

Picture. Announcement of low carbon technology promotion catalogue issued by the national development and reform commission 2017

Picture. Partial content of low carbon technology promotion catalogue 2017 (PKU PIONEER shown in red frame)

In industrial production, such as steel industry, petroleum and chemical industry, mass of CO, as "waste", was not good used, for example: blast furnace gas, converter gas, yellow phosphorus tail gas, chemical tail gas, calcium carbide tail gas, garbage incineration gas, etc. Above gases are all rich in CO gas, can be used as secondary energy. PKU PIONEER developed a new VPSA-CO separation and purification technology. The new technology can recovery CO from secondary energy, and used it as chemical raw materials. By this way, it can greatly reduce CO2 emissions, save fossil energy, has good economic and social benefits.

Usually, industrial tail gas containing CO also contains many impurities such as N2. Due to CO and N2 have the same molecular weight, similar atmospheric pressure boiling point, they have similar physical properties, so it’s very difficult to separate CO from industrial tails gas by conventional method. To solve this problem, PKU Pioneer developed a new efficient CO adsorbent, formed the advanced carbon monoxide separation process. In recent years, PKU Pioneer successively built up CO recycling plant for calcium carbide gas, blast furnace gas, and yellow phosphorus tail gas, breaking the difficulties of using CO-rich tails gas. At present, PKU PIONEER has built up 8 sets of tail gas recycling plant in Xinjiang, Hunan, Ningxia, Shaanxi, and Henan. The recycling CO is used in chemical industry; recovery CO gas is 630 million m3 /year. These achievements caused a great reaction in VPSA industry, got wide attention from home and abroad.

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