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Top 10 Industry and Technology News in the Global Steel Industry in 2023



Top 10 Industry News in the Global Steel Industry 

1. Nippon Steel and U.S. Steel reached acquisition agreement 

2. Baosteel plans to build its first overseas steel plant in Saudi Arabia 

3. EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism begins trial operation 

4. Nanjing Iron and Steel incorporated into CITIC Group, special steel giant setting sail 

5. First international standard for intelligent steel manufacturing established 

6. HBIS-POSCO automotive sheet joint venture project completed and put into operation 

7. Over 100 Chinese steel enterprises completed ultra-low emission transformation 

8. Shagang Group established the world’s largest thin strip casting and rolling production base 

9. Global steel companies successively launch green steel brands 

10. COP28 releases the latest steel standards principles 

Top 10 Technology News in the Global Iron and Steel Sector 

1. Steel industry enters the new era of Green Steel with hydrogen-based smelting 

2. New mechanism for toughening 2000MPa grade ultra-high strength steel emerged 

3. First national electric arc furnace steelmaking demonstration project with near-zero carbon emissions launched 

4. World’s first large-scale 3R low-carbon blast furnace demonstration project successfully commissioned 

5. Electrolytic method for large-scale production of 4N grade high-purity iron achieved domestic production 

6. World’s first iron ore briquette plant completed and put into operation in Brazil 

7. World’s first 690MPa grade low-temperature steel for CO2 transport ship liquid cargo tanks launched 

8. High-efficiency production line for medium and thick plates with ultra-large width-to-thickness ratio and thin specifications fills the gap worldwide 

9. Converter flue gas (800-200℃) waste heat recovery technology achieves industrial application 

10. World’s first acid galvanized aluminum-magnesium unit successfully conducts hot test 

In 2023, the iron and steel industry underwent a series of significant transformations, marking world continuous innovations and adjustments in the sector. These events not only reflect the dynamic changes within the industry but also highlight the efforts of global steel companies to enhance production efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. 

Oxygen plays a crucial role in iron and steel production, particularly in blast furnace ironmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking, where the supply of oxygen directly impacts production efficiency and product quality. Due to its efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly characteristics, VPSA (vacuum pressure swing adsorption) oxygen generation technology has gradually become an integral part of the steel industry. 

PKU Pioneer has achieved remarkable success in the VPSA oxygen production industry, establishing itself as a leading enterprise in this field. Through continuous technological innovations and R&D, PKU Pioneer’s designed and manufactured over 400 highly efficient VPSA/PSA oxygen units and the maximum oxygen volume of its VPSA oxygen system in an individual steel plant has reached 100,000 Nm3/h. With the lower construction cost, shorter lead time, easy start-up and shutdown, and flexible operation, PKU Pioneer’s oxygen plants are currently used by nearly 70 steel mills in China to provide economical oxygen for blast furnace oxygen-enriched ironmaking and short-process EAF steelmaking. Notable users include globally leading steel enterprises such as Meishan and Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., with exports also reaching overseas countries. 

Additionally, PKU Pioneer also offers specialized solutions for purifying CO and H2 from exhausts like blast furnace gas, converter gas and coke oven gas. These solutions allow for the purification of high-purity CO and H2 from those tail gases, which can be used to synthesize chemical products such as formic acid and ethylene glycol. This expertise has led to the creation of multiple world-first records, contributing significantly to the green development of the global steel industry.