Successful commissioning of 15000/80 VPSA OXYGEN PLANT for JINAN STEEL blast furnace ironmaking


In June 2017, JINAN STEEL GROUP and PKU PIONEER reached strategic cooperation, the 15000/80 VPSA OXYGEN PLANT supplied by PKU PIONEER in JINAN STEEL Wu’an factory, Hebei Province, supporting its the blast furnace to replace the original air separation liquid oxygen production capacity. The oxygen output of this project is 15000 Nm3/h, the purity is more than 80%. The adsorption tower is designed to be radial flow process with oxygen enrichment in front of the blower, and the power consumption index is 0.31±0.02kWh/Nm3.

Oxygen-enriched pulverized coal injection into blast furnace can stabilize production and reduce production cost remarkably. It is the basic means to increase blast furnace output in iron and steel works. Through the cooperation of the technical department of PKU PIONEER and the construction staff of the project, this project has been successfully commissioned in December 2017, the equipment is stable and the target meets the design requirements. It is the Benchmarking Project of the technical reform in.

JINAN STEEL GROUP has a total assets of 18 billion 600 million yuan, a total capacity of 6.5 million tons, and a staff of more than 8500 people. The main products include medium and heavy plate, medium and wide band steel, special high quality wire rod, ductile iron and so on. The products cover 26 series, more than 100 varieties. In 2017, the Group ranked 293 in the Top 500 of China's Enterprises, 131 in the Top 500 of China's Manufacturing Enterprises and 149 in the Top 500 of China's Private Enterprises in 2017.

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