1800/85 Oxygen VPSA Plant For Jiangsu New Chunxing Secondary Lead Project By PKU PIONEER


Recently, Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.(‘Pioneer’) successfully concluded  the supply contract for 1800/85 Nm3 Oxygen VPSA Plant, with Jiangsu New Chunxing Resource Recycling Co., Ltd. (‘New Chunxing’) . This set of equipment will be applied in the secondary lead smelting, providing oxygen-enriched combustion (‘OEC’) for side-blown furnace.

In 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) issued the Standard Conditions for recycled lead industry, requiring that the relevant enterprises should apply the advanced technique and equipment with high production efficiency  as well as low energy consumption. It is also encouraged to incorporate the advanced applicable clean technologies and techniques. Oxygen-enriched air smelting, a market-approved advanced technique, has been widely applied in the smelting furnaces of recycled and non-ferrous metal, steel, as well as glass and glass fibre industries. New Chunxing utilises a full-process-automatic- production technique, seamlessly linking from smashing the waste VRLA battery to selecting and transferring to warehouse delivery, after which OEC is supplied for the lead smelting procedure. As a result,  there is an evident improvement in production efficiency.

Pioneer has contracted to build more than 50 sets of VPSA Oxygen generation equipment for the non-ferrous metal industry, with users involving in recycled lead and copper fabrication. The oxygen needed for oxygen-enriched air smelting can be acquired from a wide variety of ways including VPSA, Cold-Box, and Membrane Separation Technologies, etc. Among these, VPSA technology has substantial comprehensive advantages for the oxygen demand from 100 to 20000 Nm3/h because its small investment, low energy consumption, convenient operation and flexible load regulation, whilst being applicable to most of recycled-metal smelting.

Up until present, the above-mentioned project has reached the stage of purchasing. Pioneer will gradually complete the classified purchases for motor equipment, non-standard equipment and instrument, electric and control system. The project has been progressing in accordance with the construction schedule, and is estimated to be put into construction in the first season of 2019.

New Chunxing, the largest comprehensive waste VRLA battery user in China, owns a current secondary lead production capacity over 600,000 tons per year, with the treatment capability of 1-million-ton of waste VRLA batteries. The company has a series of exclusive and patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Its exclusive technology on the comprehensive utilisation on pollution-free waste batteries has created a new era for Chinese circular economy, transforming the waste-VRLA-battery treatment from traditional production model to the ways of low consumption, pollution free and high efficiency.

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