Waste Burning

To avoid or effectively reduce the severely toxic substance “dioxin” which may be generated during the waste burning, all countries generally adopt the oxygen-rich combustion technology to reduce the secondary environmental pollution caused by waste burning.

The application principle of oxygen-rich combustion technology in waste burning: it collects the oxygen in the air to enrich the oxygen content to 25%-30%, and then sends such part of oxygen-rich gas to the burning furnace by the secondary air to increase the overall or partial oxygen content in the furnace and reduce the air excess coefficient of the furnace. Besides, the increase of oxygen-rich gas may improve the ignition condition to realize the complete combustion and smelted slag and reduce the volume to nearly zero, so as to guarantee the complete decomposition and combustion of toxic organic gas such as dioxin. As a result, the application of PIONEER’s oxygen-rich combustion technology in the waste burning may not only save the energy and reduce the consumption, but also achieve the benefits of environment protection.

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