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By renting VPSA oxygen equipment, users could transfer their important but non-core VPSA oxygen supply duties to the professional gas company PKU Pioneer so that the enterprises themselves could centralize their capital, manpower and technical resources on their core or main businesses with competitive advantages. In this way, the users and oxygen manufacturer could focus on their main businesses to enhance the core competitiveness of the users through maximum expertise.

Under the gradual universalization of the sharing economy, facing the huge number of small, medium and large industrial enterprises in China, VPSA equipment leasing has broad growth prospects. PKU Pioneer, as a leader in the field of VPSA oxygen generation, has massive strength with the advantage of integrated R&D, production and operation. Through the leasing service of advanced oxygen generation equipment, PKU Pioneer will surely have a promising future in the field of equipment leasing and contribute to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

Technological AdvantagesSolutions-Equipment Leasing-PKU Pioneer-VPSA-PSA-oxygen plant-oxygen unit-oxygen system-oxygen gas
Continuing its leadership position in the field of oxygen generation plant manufacturing, PKU Pioneer's VPSA oxygen unit leasing service realizes a special extension from upstream equipment manufacturing to downstream gas equipment leasing market. It is characterized by the following advantages:
Reducing Investment
The investment of VPSA oxygen system ranges from millions to tens of millions. By PKU Pioneer's leasing services, users only need to be responsible for the civil construction of the equipment before using the whole oxygen plant, which reduces the dependence on the high-priced liquid oxygen and realizes the low-cost oxygen consumption and production capacity expansion.
Professional Service Team with over 15-Year Experience
With more than 15 years of service experience, PKU Pioneer's expert team is skilled and sophisticated in the production, operation and maintenance of all related devices and processes, therefore, users do not need to configure a technical team. The construction, operation and low-cost oxygen production of a complete set of equipment are all completed by PKU Pioneer independently.
Stable Operation and Continuous Efficiency Improvement
PKU Pioneer's specialized and scaled technologies and management mode can reduce the failure rate of operation as a whole and enhance the operation rate to more than 98%, thus significantly lowering the maintenance cost and realizing the continuous efficiency increase by controlling the power consumption during operation and maintain it at a low level on a long-term basis.
Data Center Empowers Production
PKU Pioneer has established a remote technology center to analyze plant failures and diagnose operation data. Using intelligent management tools, PKU Pioneer has created a set of big data system to support the advancement of its equipment & technologies, operation safety and optimal performance, empowering the production practice with informatization.
Application Scenario
The equipment leasing is mainly applicable to glass, glass fiber, non-ferrous metallurgy/recycled metal smelting, blast furnace oxygen enrichment, cement, waste burning and other industries.
Applicable Enterprises

1.No experience in using VPSA oxygen equipment.

2. Need to invest in the oxygen equipment construction and carry out O&M management for continuous oxygen gas supply.

3. Industrial users applying oxygen-enriched/oxyfuel combustion technology.

4. Oxygen purity between 80% and 93%.

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