Oxygen bleaching is the widely-applied clean bleaching technology in the paper pulp field. Pulping enterprises equip the bleaching section with oxygen generating devices to generate rich oxygen for the deoxygenation, delignification and whitening sections. At present, most of pulping enterprises with better oxygen bleaching application effect adopt VPSA-O2 technology.

The oxygen production of general pulping enterprises is about 200-3,000Nm3/h, with oxygen purity reaching 93%. Under such oxygen consumption, VPSA-O2 technology has more obvious advantages than other oxygen generating technologies. PIONEER’s VPSA-O2 technology boasts the advantages of low investment cost, lower power consumption, simple operation and flexible control. PIONEER has not only rich engineering performance in China, but also has exported its VPSA-O2 technology to the papermaking enterprises in many countries including Russia, Thailand and Indonesia. The devices have been operated stably for many years. PIONEER has obtained a very high customer satisfaction and established a good brand reputation.

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