Nonferrous Metallurgy

It is an important technical measure to increase the productivity, reduce the energy consumption, control the environmental pollution, improve the technology of metallurgy and increase the economic benefit by replacing the ordinary air with the oxygen-rich air in nonferrous metallurgy. The VPSA-O2 technology of PIONEER may provide the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin and gold with the stable and reliable oxygen source to optimize the energy saving of oxygen-rich combustion technique, largely reduce the oxygen cost and obtain the significant comprehensive benefit.

The non-ferrous metallurgy of copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin and gold, etc. mainly adopts the oxygen-rich air whose concentration is between 24% and 90% and the productivity of the oxygen generating device is generally under 3,000Nm3/h. This is the best parameter range for the PSA device and large-scale oxygen generating device may adopt the combination of several sets.

PIONEER has occupied the vast majority of market share of VPSA oxygen generation in China's nonferrous metallurgical industry. It has constructed more than 30 sets of oxygen generating devices for the nonferrous metallurgical industry, including over 10 sets with productivity exceeding 10,000Nm3/h. With rich performance, PIONEER has become the preferred VPSA-O2 technology supplier in the nonferrous metallurgical industry.

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