With the development of VPSA-O2 technology, the oxygen-rich cost has been greatly reduced, and the oxygen-rich calcination technology has also been widely applied in cement kilns. The application of PIONEER’s PSA oxygen-rich combustion technology in cement kilns may make cement producers significantly increase the output, save the energy, reduce the pollution and ultimately achieve the win-win purpose of economic benefit and environmental protection.

On one hand, the application of the oxygen-rich technology may improve the combustion condition of the coal, greatly reduce the air consumption, shorten the combustion duration, realize the complete combustion, and reduce the waste gas emission and the production of hazardous gas such as CO and NO, so as to elevate the combustion efficiency, save the energy, reduce the energy consumption and protect the environment; on the other hand, it may elevate the temperature and blackness of the flame to largely strengthen the thermal radiation of the flame towards the materials, and improve the heat energy utilization to increase the output and benefit of the cement.

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