PIONEER’s independently-developed and produced PSA-CO adsorbent PU-1 was granted the Chinese, USA and Canadian patents. PU-1 has ultra-high adsorption capacity and selectivity for CO, which are the key features for PSA-CO technology which reaches the advanced level in the world.

PIONEER originates the high and low consumption PSA-CO technology based on PU-1 adsorbent, achieving the efficient separation of CO from nitrogen, methane and other components, which is of great importance for the carbonyl synthesis industry. This technology won the Second Prize for National Technology Invention.

PIONEEER has designed and constructed dozens of PSA-CO plants for the clients, and becomes the highest shares holder in market with the features including low cost of gas product, high purity, high yield, flexibility of feed gas, moderate operating conditions and easy load regulation , which brings much economic earning and market competitiveness to the user.

Technical Advantages

  • Wide applications

    PIONEER’s PSA-CO technology is suitable for any CO-rich feed gas.
  • Ranking 1st in market share

    PIONEER builds most of the PSA-CO plants in China, and holds over 90% of market shares.
  • High purity and recovery

    The high purity of CO products (up to 99.99%) and high recovery (80%-95%) ensure high-quality and low-cost CO gas product for downstream synthesis.
  • Patented adsorbent

    Patented PSA-CO adsorbent PU-1 is highly efficient for producing high-quality CO.

Technical Applications

> PIONEER’s PSA-CO technology has been successfully applied in ethylene glycol, butyl alcohol, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, formic acid, oxalic acid, oxalacetate, dimethyl formamide, dimethyl carbonate, TDI and MDI.

> PIONEER builds most of the   PSA-CO plants in the world, including the world’s largest PSA plant cluster (20,000Nm3/h of O2 product, 20,000Nm3/h of CO product and 40,000Nm3/h of H2 product), the world’s first plant for purifying CO and H2 from calcium carbide exhaust, and the world’s first plant for separating CO from blast furnace gas . Pioneer has absolute leading advantages over the others and become the leading one in CO PSA industry.

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