The number of projects

PIONEER has designed and constructed more than 300 sets of PSA gas separation equipment for customers, including VPSA oxygen, PSA-CO and PSA-H2 plants.
36 +
million Nm3

oxygen production 36 million Nm3 + every day

PIONEER has constructed oxygen plants with total capacity of more than 36 million Nm3/d, which is Chinese PSA supplier with most large-scale oxygen plants.

invention patents 15+

PIONEER gets 15 patents for PSA and related technology, including 14 invention patents, 1 utility model patents, and 18 access to software copyright.

The sales contract amounted to 8 billion RMB

The sales contract signing amount of PIONEER goes up to 8 billion yuan, creating a huge economic benefits for more than 300 companies of the whole world.
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