VPSA-O2 Performance

PIONEER has supplied nearly 100 VPSA-O2 devices to industries like iron& steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical, glassand glass fiber, papermaking, sewage treatment and waste burning. The oxygen generating device designed and built by the company runs stably with zero accident for more than ten years to create the outstanding value for the user.

Currently, the largest single set of VPSA-O2 device in China is 40,700Nm3/h, the one supplied by PIONEER to Guizhou Kailin Group. The company becomes more and more advantageous in the technology of medium and large-scale oxygen generating projects in recent years.

Typical performance of VPSA-O2 separation equipment

Application field

Users unit

Unit scale


Nonferrous metallurgy

Chifeng Fubang Copper Co. Ltd.

10000 Nm3/h purity ≥83%

Oxygen enrichment copper smelting

Yunnan Tin Co. Ltd

5000 Nm3/h purity ≥80%

Oxygen enrichment copper smelting

Chuxiong Smelting Works in Yunnan

7500 Nm3/h purity ≥80%

The two successive equipments used for oxygen enrichment copper smelting

Chihong Company of Yunnan Metallurgical Group

3550 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Oxygen enrichment lead smelting

Hunchun Zijin Mining Industry Co. Ltd.

1000 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Gold smelting

Ferrous metallurgy

Kunming Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.

12500 Nm3/h purity ≥80%

Blast furnace oxygen enrichment coal jetting

Anshan Baode Iron and Steel Co. Ltd

7500 Nm3/h purity ≥80%

Blast furnace oxygen enrichment coal jetting

Xigang Group Acheng Steels Co. Ltd.

3000 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Electric furnace steelmaking


Shanghai Jinmei Group Company

10000 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Two sets 10000 equipments used for oxygen enrichment coal making gas 10000

Zhejiang Jiacheng Chemical Co. Ltd.

1200 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Two successive equipments used for SO2oxidation

Export project

South Korea POSCO

1328 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Iron making


1000 Nm3/h purity 9193%

Waste incineration

Thailand Tai’an Industry

1200 Nm3/h purity 93%

Electric furnace steelmaking


Yingkou Paper Mill

400 Nm3/h purity 93±2%

Pulp bleaching

Hebei Jinniu Energy Group Co. Ltd.

3250 Nm3/h purity ≥ 90%

Glass fiber

Rainbow Group

650 Nm3/h purity 93±2%

Glass industry

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

2040 Nm3/h purity ≥90%

Construction in plateau and breathing oxygen

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