Supporting Devices of TDI Project of Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


TDI Project of Yantai Juli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. purifies CO and H2 from the water gas to synthesize TDI (toluene diisocyanate). Since the project generates the gas by the fixed bed, the generated raw material gas and nitrogen contain much methane, which makes the PSA purification of CO and H2 more difficult. The user formerly adopted the PSA-CO/H2 device of another manufacturer, whose designed CO productivity is 1,000Nm3/h but the actual productivity is only 400-500Nm3/h, and the content of methane and nitrogen in the CO product largely exceeds the upper limit, thus resulting in great economic losses.

PIONEER makes improvements to the PSA device, after which, the productivity is elevated by over 50% to 1500Nm3/h, various indexes meet the design requirement, the user’s production demand is fulfilled and the comprehensive benefit of the enterprise is significant increased. Several times of production expansion of the enterprise adopt our products.

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