Supporting Devices of 200,000 t/y Glycol Project of Tongliao GEM Chemical Co., Ltd.


The 200,000 t/y glycol project of Tongliao GEM is the first new-type coal chemical project of China that produces glycol by the brown coal. It is a high-tech project promoted by the government and has been put into operation in 2010.

PIONEER provides the 22,000Nm3/h CO device of PSA purification, 42,000Nm3/h H2device of PSA purification and 20,000Nm3/h VPSA-O2 device to the project. These three sets of large-scale PSA devices have been stably operating since the start and indexes of the product gas meet the design requirement. It provides the 200,000 t/y glycol project of Tongliao GEM with stable and low-cost gas source to create favorable economic benefits to the customer.
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