PKU PIONEER\'s International Market Exploration Strengthened and Business Volume Increased Year by Year


PIONEER made a record in both the quantity of signed contract and the quantity of implemented project in 2012. While the domestic economic growth rate has been slowed down for two years, PIONEER is adapted to the transformation and upgrade of the user’s enterprise to meet the demand of the external environmental change by its high-efficiency and energy-saving technology. Instead of being shrunk, the performance of the company steadily increases that it further consolidates the business development of the company in all fields.

As for the international business, PIONEER flexibly changes the business strategy to accelerate the exploration of foreign market and has achieved the expected progress. Following the project of export to Zambia and Philippine in 2012, PIONEER has signed five international projects this year to export the product to Congo (Kinshasa), Indonesia and Belorussia for oxygen-enriched copper smelting and pulp bleaching. The activity in the foreign market strengthens the confidence of PIONEER in the internationalized development. Now the company is busy with reserving international business talents. An important task for the company in 2013 is to extend the brand advantage to the broader foreign market to make new breakthroughs in the international business.

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