PIONEER - The first equipment for purification of CO from calcium carbide furnace exhaust


Recently, PIONEER has signed project cooperation agreement with XinjiangTianye (Group) Co., Ltd on carbon monoxide purification technology. XinjiangTianye purchased a new carbon monoxide purification device to recycle ofcalcium carbide furnace exhaust, they will use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology(PSA) to synthetize of MEG by the separation of high purity CO, and this is thefirst CO purification plant that used in MEG synthesis with the calcium carbidefurnace exhaust currently in China.

Xinjiang Tianye(Group) Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in calcium carbide industry, and ithas made one million tons calcium carbide in 2010. The program which involves 28000Nm3/hof calcium carbide furnace exhaust is located in Industrial Zones of ShiHeZi inXinJiang province, and it will make 50,000 tons MEG. The calcium carbidefurnace exhaust is the main component of carbon monoxide, which is accountedfor more than 80%, then others are N2, H2, CH4and sulfide and so on. The general technology can’t achieve separateof high purity CO from calcium carbide furnace exhaust. PIONEER will providePSA-CO equipment with 6000Nm3/h and PSA-H2 equipment with16000Nm3/h by the unique technology for Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd. the purityof CO is demanded more than 99% and the H2 is more than 99.6%. theprogram is set to be in production by the end of 2012.

Xinjiang Tianyeis willing to use PIONEER's proprietary PSA technology to purify carbon monoxide combining foreign technic process tosynthetize of MEG, which will greatly reduce the cost forproducing high purity carbon monoxide. PIONEER's new PSA technology not onlysolved the problem of how to fully utilize calcium carbide furnace exhaust, butalso opened up a new idea to produce MEG by syngas in China.

As the domesticpolicy of energy saving and emission reduction continue to carry out, the newPSA technology is a new trial to Optimize industrial chain between the calciumcarbide industry and Chemical industry, the next step is to cooperate deeplyaccording to the first case. Now, PIONEER is seeking support from all walks oflife to promote the achievement of technology, and purify carbon monoxide from syngas such as converter exhaust,blast furnace exhaust, and calcium carbide furnace exhaust, then use the purified carbon monoxide to get Chemical products on addedvalue. By this way we can realize recycle energy efficiently and to promotecircular economy.
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