PKU Pioneer wins the bid for Hunan Yuteng VPSA Oxygen Project


PKU Pioneer has recently signed a project agreement with Hunan Yuteng Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd (hereafter as “Yuteng”) to install a 1500/93 VPSA equipment as oxygen source for bottom blowing furnace, in order to improve the quality and quantity of lead production. The project has now entered the phase of detailed equipment design and preliminary process of a long cycle manufacturing.

Located in the city of Chenzhou & ranked top 100 private companies in Hunan Province, Yuteng owns multiple production lines and is a leading processor of lead and various non-ferrous metals including silver and bismuth. PKU Pioneer has customized a set of VPSA equipment with oxygen generation capacity of 1500Nm3/h to address the oxygen shortage for Yuteng’s production expansion. The underlying VPSA technology reduces the oxygen generation cost and allows the equipment easy for operation and adjustment. The analysis done by PKU Pioneer shows that the equipment cost can be recovered in one and half years, as is much more economical than using cryogenic oxygen equipment, or procuring liquid oxygen whose market price has rocketed significantly since 2017.

Yuteng has also been developing a green production and invested RMB 80 million in technology reform to save resources and protect the environment. The evolution from coal-fueled furnace to bottom blowing furnace reduces the coal consumption from 680 kg to below 292 kg (c.f. Level II National Standard: 440 kg) for producing 1 ton of crude lead, saving over 38k ton of coal each year.

Prior to Yuteng, PKU Pioneer signed its first project in the city of Chenzhou to install 4500Nm3/h VPSA equipment for Hunan Jinwang Bismuth Co., Ltd (hereafter as “Jinwang”) to support the oxygen-rich smelting of recycled metals including lead and bismuth. The project, expected to provide low-cost oxygen to complement the cryogenic production mode, is currently under smooth progress.  

With the advent of growing demand for battery, the lead industry has been booming and seen an enormous need to expand the production capability. Companies similar to Yuteng and Jinwang may consider installing middle to small-sized VPSA equipment as oxygen source in the processing. Statistics has already proved industry-wide popularity of using VPSA equipment that can provide oxygen from hundreds to over 10k cubic meters per hour, in the oxygen-rich smelting. Since 2018, PKU Pioneer has been recruited to build over 50 sets of VPSA equipment for various companies in nonferrous metal industry, providing clients with cost-efficient oxygen and first class technical services.

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