PIONEER Announces Measures to Fight Novel Coronavirus


Since the beginning of 2020,  the novel coronavirus has been spreading at a speed and a battle to beat the virus-infected pneumonia has begun throughout the country. on February 1, 2020, leaders of Pioneer responded timely and urged an "Important Notice on the Pneumonia-Causing Epidemic Prevention and Control" to all the employees. A special working group on the 2019-nCoV epidemic prevention was established to race against the outbreak. The leadership of the organization strengthened their responsibility awareness and carried out their duties, staff investigation, information reporting and other arrangements were deployed in time.

Specific measures for the company's internal management  include:

1. Guide positive public voice speaking and engage in prevention & control publicity in an objective perspective of the harsh contagion control.

2. Establish dynamic record of the virus prevention and control by collecting continuous and updated information of employees.

3. Inspect the hygiene and implementation of prevention measures everyday, ventilate and disinfect the office area in a timely manner, making sure the daily epidemic prevention in the work area is committed as required.

Pioneer issued the coronavirus prevention measures prioritizing the health and personal safety of all the members . At present, although procurement of labor protection supplies such as masks and disinfectants are difficult cause they're in short nationwide, company's leadership actively seeks reliable sources and plans to purchase a batch of masks from other places to provide employees with more practical protection.

From February 3 to February 9,  all the staff would work from home and actively carry out various tasks of project implementation and customer business through online systems. We require members of the project team to strengthen communication with customers at home and abroad to avoid blockage of project progress due to our subjective reasons. On the premise of following company's epidemic control measures, we will protect the interests of customers to the greatest extent, offer professional services to customers and strive for their understanding of the current problems that cannot be resolved due to the negative impact of the crisis.

At present, the severe and complicated situation makes it inevitable that a blow to the Chinese economy will be caused in the short term. Pioneer will continue to improve the emergency measures for virus-infected pneumonia in regard to the current circumstance. At the same time, Pioneer has been preparing in advance for the rapid production restoration starting from internal control and supervision & implementation of prevention measures to fight the hardships with our customers together!

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